BMWI :German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

BMWi, stands for Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (English: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), is a cabinet-level ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The current Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy was founded in 1917 as Reichswirtschaftsamt (Reich Economic Office).

In 1919, this became the Reichswirtschaftsministerium (Reich Ministry of Economy), which existed until 1945.

After the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Ministry of Economics (German: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft) existed from 1949 to 1998.

It had previously been merged with other ministries to form the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labor between 2002 and 2005 and was recreated in 2005 as “Ministry of Economics and Technology”.

The Ministry is organized into 9 departments and one central department:

  • Central Administration
  • Political Staff and Policy Planning
  • European Policy
  • Economic Policy
  • Energy Policy: Heating and Efficiency
  • Energy Policy: Electricity and Grid
  • Industrial Policy
  • External Economic Policy
  • Digital und Innovation Policy
  • SME Policy

Headquartered in Berlin, the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is aimed to refresh the social market economy following 6 Political actions:

  • Investment: develop public and private-sector investment.
  • Innovation: improve the way in which innovation is brought to market.
  • Infrastructure: promote digital infrastructure and transport infrastructure to fit Germany for the future.
  • Internationalization: support German companies – particularly SMEs and become more attractive for foreign investment.
  • Integration of labor and tapping all the skills reserves: reduce the number of school drop-outs and apprentices that do not finish their training and giving people under 35 who have no vocational qualifications a second chance. Also, immigration is vital for Germany to be able to meet its demand for skilled labor.
  • Energy reforms: promote our energy reforms and focus more on cost effectiveness and economic efficiency.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy includes six agencies:

  • The Federal Cartel Office / BKartA (Bonn)
  • Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control / BAFA (Eschborn, Bochum)
  • The Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway / BNetzA (Bonn)
  • Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing / BAM (Berlin)
  • German National Metrology Institute / PTB (Braunschweig, Berlin)
  • Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources / BGR (Hannover, Berlin)

Those who are in authority for Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy are working under three title:

  1. Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy: Sigmar Gabriel
  2. Parliamentary State Secretaries (support the minister in his political and policy work): Uwe Beckmeyer, Iris Gleicke, Brigitte Zypries
  3. State Secretaries (responsible for the 10 Direcorate-Generals): Rainer Baake, Matthias Machnig, Dr. Rainer Sontowski

BMWi in Berlin Address

Scharnhorststr. 34–37

10115 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30/18 615-0

Fax: +49 30/18 615-7010

Official Portal :

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