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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

The 3D Elements Machine is the absolute high-end product from the hands of the 3D Elements experts.The first fully automated 3D photo studio can be used by anyone, anywhere. The fullest mobility allows it to be used at events, festivals or in the outdoors. Integrated infoscreens grab one’s attention and explain the 3DE process at the same time. A touchscreen and an intelligent sound system accompany the customer through the order process step-by-step. With the electronic payment system, the self-service concept of the 3D Elements Machine is completed.

The plug’n’play principle allows a direct connection to the 3D Elements data&print system. In short: your customers’ photo data is transferred online to the 3D Elements headquarters. 3D graphic designers prepare this data. After they have been printed, the figures are sent to the customers softly padded by post. Payment and settlement with you is fully automatic.

Thus, there is no longer anything standing in the way of entering into the 3D growth market quickly and easily. With the 3D Elements Machine, you save time, increase your income and expand your business area.

The advantages for you:

  • Mobile and usable anywhere
  • Self-operable
  • For everyone – no specialist knowledge required
  • Special 3DE-Technologie®
  • Combinable with the 3D Elements data&print system
  • Little rework time
  • Optimal camera technology
  • Innovative
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