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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

What’s new

In comparison to the previous system, the new 2.0 version has more distance to the roof which makes it easier to compensate roof unevenness and to simplify the wire management. Another benefit is the new inter-row spacing which is calculated with a 18- or 25- degree Sun angle for the optimal roof layout per location.

The international standards for system grounding are now fulfilled through the newly implemented and certified module clamp with integrated grounding. Pre-assembled mounting clips provide additional hold to the attached protection pads with aluminum coating. A newly optimized alpine version is now available for all system tilts and is approved up to 4.4 KN Snow load.

New Market-leading Testings 2.0

The System fulfills the newest Windtunnel Testing 2.0 on the current highest industry standards, Fire tested to UL 1703 and ETL certified according to UL 2703 standards.

Also very new with the 2.0 System are the two additional static tests.

One was made with TUV according to IEC 61215:2005 with different Modules Typs incl. flash-tests to ensure the lifetime of the solarcell in combination with the Aerocompact System.

The second one was the static strengths capacity test of an Array with 60 Modules to test the uplift and slide strengths capacity of the Aerocompact System.

New ballast tray

The 2.0 version comes with a new ballast tray that can be used for all system types. With this version more ballast can be installed for high wind loads and the point loads are evenly distributed in the case of soft roof insulation.


Mounting Times

With just two major components and the pre‐assembled building protection pads, the Aerocompact Plus system is even faster and safes you additionally 30% Mounting Time in comparison to the South Version. The simple, straightforward installation process of the Aerocompact system saves time and reduces labor cost.


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