BALTEK® Structural balsa cores

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Publish Date :July 19, 2016
Summary :

BALTEK® is a structural core material made of a natural, renewable resource – balsa wood. The balsa tree (Ochroma pyramidale) is the fastest growing tree in the world: a seedling will grow into a straight-trunked tree with a height of up to 30 m and a diameter of approximately 45 cm in only 5 to 7 years.
The balsa tree combines various special features:
Quick growth: ready to harvest after 5 to 7 years
Low medium density
High insulating properties
High weight-specific mechanical properties
Very little energy is required to process natural balsa wood into structural end-grain core material. Mature trees are felled, cut into squared timber or stripped as veneer, and dried in the oven. The balsa wood is then sorted by quality, physical features, and specific density, and glued to form large blocks. These blocks are cut into end-grain sheets and then processed into one of the many available product sizes.
Plantabal S.A. and 3A Composites PNG Ltd. are the forest companies of 3A Composites own and manage several thousand hectares of FSC®certified balsa wood plantations in Ecuador (FSC-C019065) and Papua New Guinea (FSC-C125018). The growing of our own seedlings as well as several local sawmills guarantee sustainable forest management and continuous availability for industrial-end customers.

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3A Composites Airex AG
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