BONYPLUS Fixobridge

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Publish Date :July 20, 2016
Summary :

BONYPLUS Fixobridge is an easy to use cement, which temporarily fixes bridges, crowns and post-crowns. At home, on business or away on holiday you can never know when your bridge or crown might break and Fixobridge is the ideal solution for an emergency situation.BONYPLUS Fixobridge allows you to re-cement your bridge or crown in the comfort of your own home. This product is a strong holding cement that will reattach your bridge or crown in place like new. Please note however, that this is only a temporary solution until you are able to consult your dentist.

BONYPLUS Fixobridge can be used for up to 10 times.

– Replaces dislodged crowns & bridges

– Replaces temporary resin bridges

– Can be used on all types of crowns and bridges

– Over 10 applications

– Does not irritate gums

Product Classification:

Medical Device Class IIa

Company Name
bonyf AG
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