Buffers and vibration dampers

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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Thanks to our expertise in the damping and control of vibration, shock and structureborne noise, Betech is capable of solving tasks within the engineering industry, including marine and military applications.

Dampers and buffers of rubber are an obvious and unrivalled choice for cushioning movement in vibrating machinery or for bedding, support, control and spacing of mechanical components in, for example, adjustable furniture, care and mobility equipment, agricultural machinery, garden equipment and cleaning machines.

Betech manufactures countless moulded rubber items for this purpose – and sells a range of standard products from international leading manúfacturers.

Our standard range includes:
• PUR and rubber springs

• Pneumatic dampers

• Machine mounts

• Universal dampers

• Flexible bushes

• Metal dampers

• Cup mounts

• Stabifix

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