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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
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We support real estate developers, cities, governments and building owners in planning and managing energy processes and flows in buildings, sites and regions.


 20_city_grey Energy efficiency and optimization

We provide high-performance, cost-efficient energy concepts and improvement strategies for buildings, sites, and energy consuming processes.We are technology independent and focus on optimizing energy flows in a systematic manner, based on detailed modeling capacities and analysis.


20_panel_grey Renewable energy integration

We help clients understand the added value of renewable energy integration in buildings and sites by delivering feasibility studies, expert advisory, and due diligence on all types of renewable technologies for electricity, heating and cooling production, (including solar PV and solar thermal systems, bio-CHP, biomass boilers…) in individual or collective systems such as heat networks.


 20_guidance_grey Strategic guidance

We support public authorities in developing optimal incentive strategies for energy improvements on building portfolios.We support real-estate developers, investors and building technology manufacturers in understanding new building energy regulations and provide guidance on cost-effective strategies for compliance or voluntary certification (BREEAM, PHPP…).

In-depth knowledge of needs and constraints in different building types

We have experience in energy design and energy analyses for a variety of (new and in renovation) building and site types. Contact us for more information on our experience.

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