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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
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Introduction_Card-base Department

Bbetter-Film possesses the most comprehensive card printing materials in the domestic market.The annual output comes to 12000 tons, and the export accounted for 1/3 in 2015. The products cover SIM card material, contact less card material, financial IC card material, normal card material, surface film material, PC card material, PET card-base material, advertising printing material,etc. Bbetter-Film is one of the few manufacturers which can produce 0.04 surface film. 80% of the manufacturers of the coated overlay film are using Bbetter-Film.

Bbetter-Film constantly promotes the proportion of bank card fields after eight years of accumulating customer resources and quality improvement. In 2016, there will be a new production line, specializing in the production of high-end bank card base material.

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Changzhou Bbetterfilm Technologies Co., Ltd.
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