Carwash technology COMFORT

Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :
  • Rim cleaning: Applying an alkaline washing product that is safe for the car chasis and the rims at small pressure mixed with osmotic water, makes it easier the cleaning of the rims, loosening the dirt that is removed later in the High pressure wash program.
  • High pressure washwith powder detergent: Car wash using soft water along with micropowder detergent, at high temperature (60 degrees) that makes possible the touchless cleaning of the car without needing to use brushes.
  • Rinsing Plus: This programs makes use of soft osmotic water in order to rinse the detergent of the previous program. This solution is unique as other systems use hard water from the urban network to accomplish this. Our system reaches a higher quality and makes the system last longer.
  • Waxing: The wax applied on the car body protected the paint and speeds up the drying process after the service.
  • Glossing: Using soft osmotic water along with a special glossing liquid regains the original bright of the car body resulting in a spectacular washing result.

Optional programs: Drying, Brushing and Active foam