Ceetec A250

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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

The Ceetec A250 machine is the medium machine of the paint range and is especially suitable for large workman’s companies like painters, carpenters timber yards as factories with some or large production.
spacerThe machine is often used as a manual machine, i.e. manual feeding and removal. If there is a need for making it part of a production line we recommend our Ceetec Industry range.
The wood item is fed horizontally into the machine with the help of forward drive. Ceetec A250 gives shiny finish as the machine is equipped with 12 rotating brushes that can all be adjusted individually.spacer
Cleaning is fast and simple and takes about 5-10 minutes for daily cleaning and 15-20 minutes for thorough cleaning. Colour change can also be performed in 10-15 minutes.spacer
The machine is delivered complete with brushes and filter bags and is ready for use as soon as electricity has been connected to the machine.spacer
Accessories are available like rolling tracks for inlet and outlet, filter bags with varying roughness and horsehair brushes. Furthermore a brush-off setup can be added for removing dust, dirt and wood chips. This is especially good if you work with sawn wood.

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