Continuous Filament Mat

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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

3B Continuous Filament Mat (CFM) is a non-woven mat made from 3B E-CR glass filaments, consisting of continuous fibres randomly orientated in multiple layers. The glass fibre is bonded with a silane coupling agent and the layers held together with a suitable binder.

3B offers two groups of CFM: powder mats and emulsion mats. Both groups provide end-users with different controls over rigidity, conformability, handling, wet-out and a range of tensile strengths. CFM is particularly suitable for compression moulded electrical and non-electrical laminates as well as for pultrusion and infusion or injection processes (e.g. RTM, S-RIM or Matched Die Moulding). CFM products contain an insoluble binder for unsaturated polyester, epoxy and polyurethane compatibility in unfilled or filled resin systems

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3B the Fibreglass SPRL
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