Direct Pipe Technique

Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Together with their clients, A.Hak Drillcon make a substantial contribution to a sustainable society. A good example is the Direct Pipe technology, which is a substantially reduced burden to the environment.
A.Hak Drillcon is the only company in The Netherlands that works with the new Direct Pipe technology. The technology combines the existing H.D.D. and Micro Tunneling Techniques. For this purpose we use a state-of-the-art system with a new machine: the Pipe Thruster.

1.400 meters and more
The Pipe Thruster has a special pipe clamp, which allows drilling lengths of up to 1.400 meter. Longer lengths are possible, but this depends on the soil conditions. This saves a lot of time during the drilling process and also limits the drilling risks.

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
With the Direct Pipe method a special Tunnel Boring Machine is applied to the front of the pipeline. This TBM is approx. 20 meters long and is equipped with a long drilling tool, multiple measuring systems, steering cylinders and bentonite injection points suited for the local soil conditions.

Advantages of the Direct Pipe technique

Suitable for hard to drill soil layers, such as gravel.
No risk for instable drilling tunnel.
Zero chance of blow-out.
The TBM can drill through many kinds of obstacles without getting stuck.
No damage occurring to the external coating on the product pipe.
A large operating area is only required on one side.
Savings on deep sheet pile barrels.
Easy access to large depths.
A tray well is usually not required.
Short drilling strands in case of limited space.
Unnecessary drill rinsing is limited to zero, this results in far less transport movements and minimal noise level, a safe work place at the exit (collection side) and the surroundings only experience inconvenience on one side of the crossing.
Today A. Hak Drillcon has several TBM’s and Pipe Thrusters with capacities up to 500 and 750 tonnes.

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A. Hak Drillcon B.V.
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