Driver Panel / Driver Display Unit

Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Driver Dispaly Unit: The Driver Display works as a man machine interface. Made as a panel mount equipment, it uses 10.4” LCD TFT display. Various fault messages and system generated prompts are displayed on screen. Driver is able to navigate through the menu using dedicated function keys. USB drive facilitates data exchange. The unique feature of this display is that it retains the exisiting 4×40 character display format of the existing WAG9/ WAP7/ WAP5 class of three phase locomotives of Indian Railways as well as provides a graphic mimic window in which various process variables can be seen by selecting pre-defined screens using function keys.

Master Controller: The Master Controller developed by us will be suitable for WAP5, WAP7 & WAG9 classes of locomotives and its variants. It works using a different principle as compared to the master controllers currently being used in these classes of locomotives. The master controller has essentially three functional components, viz. (i) Angle Transmitter, (ii) CAM operated switches to sense TE (or BE), ZERO position, 1/3 position, 2/3 position & (iii) Forward/Reverse selector switch, which also has CAM operated switches and mechanically interlocked with the throttle handle.
The heart of the master controller is the angle transmitter, which is expected to provide a current output (4-20mA) proportional to the angle position of the throttle handle. We have developed a angle encoder using Contact less rotary position sensor over 360°. It has huge advantage compared to the currently being used.

Locomotive Diagnostic Tool: Locomotive Diagnostic Tool (Model LDS-04) was developed for trouble shooting and online diagnosis of the 6000 HP modern three phase locomotive fleet of Indian Railways equipped with MICAS-S2 control system of Bombardier Transportation. The equipment is built around a Pentium class processor and has a communication gateway enabling direct connection to the locomotive control system through the Multifunctional Vehicle Bus (MVB). The diagnostic tool becomes a network node on the MVB and all the vehicle processors can be accessed. The entire suite of MicTools (proprietary traction control software tools of Bombardier Transportation) can be run on this equipment to carryout many functions like control software download, fault log upload cum offline analysis, visualization and temporary forcing of process variables in real-time etc.

SpeedoMeter Cum Energy Recorder:The speed cum energy monitoring system described in this document is suitable for conventional AC tap changer as well as for three phase locomotives. The speed cum energy monitoring system has four essential functional components, viz. (i) Pulse generator, (ii) Signal conditioning Unit, (iii) Master unit and (iv) Slave unit.