Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

DŽIUGAS® is a great cheese for everyone! Even a small piece of this firm hard cheese pleases the palate with its savoury sharpness, mild spiciness and pleasant crispness of delicate calcium lactium crystals. Perfect when coupled with a drop of fragrant honey. DŽIUGAS® is a distinguished snack, perfect with a glass of wine or a delicious lunch or dinner. It can pleasantly surprise cheese connoisseurs and gourmets. It means luxury and superior quality, refinement and elegance. Differently aged hard cheese DŽIUGAS® offer subtle variations in flavour… Hard cheese DŽIUGAS® has old traditions of production and an interesting legend of its birth. The milk for the production of the cheese is collected in National park of Žemaitija. Hard cheese DŽIUGAS