EPIVA Infusion System

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Publish Date :July 19, 2016
Summary :

EPIVA is a smart infusion pump that modulates the amount of epidural analgesia administered based on patient demand through a patented algorithm. The EPIVA algorithm intuitively controls and adjusts the background dose of epidural analgesia by reviewing the patient’s demand history. This is coupled with a robust pump mechanism which effectively injects analgesic boluses at high pressures into the epidural space.

EPIVA has been clinically validated to reduce the incidence of breakthrough pain and clinician intervention through providing personalized pain relief for every birth.

EPIVA is currently undergoing the world’s largest clinical trial in epidural analgesia. Please see link for more information. By 2016, EPIVA pump is set to obtain CE marking by the European Union.

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Innovfusion Pte. Ltd.
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