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Publish Date :July 19, 2016
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Name of Product : Hot StoneHS Code : 8516.31-0000Description:Hot Stone is made of fine yellow stone, whichprotects people from electromagnetic waves and usused for nutritional material for the fish and flowers,kaolin stone baked at over 390°C and high-quality100% natural material.The Heat Stone, developed through anenvironmentally-friendly project, has three-layeredstructure. Its size is small than other types of the samekind in the market. It can use for two hours with just fiveminutes of recharging.Hot Stone Massage EffectThe heat from the Heat Stone can bake eggs from the yolk to the white. Like this, when the heat stone is placed onthe cold area of the body, the heat penetrates deep into the center of the cold area to heat the area.The heat from the Heat Stone penetrates deep into the body.The Heat Stone is beneficial for everyone, and it is environmentally friendly as it is a natural stone.Unlike other heat massaging precuts available in the market, Heat Stone does not have any smell or odor.Heat Stone is safe as it does not produce smoke or electromagnetic waves.With just 10~20 minutes of use, users of the Heat Stone can feel that they slept on the heated stone bed overnight.

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