Impact Ramming

Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

With the pneumatic drilling technique the pipe is conveyed with a horizontal ‘pile block’. This is done with compressed air rocket.

The compressed air rocket consists of a steel cylinder shaped like a torpedo, which fits a pneumatic movable piston. The rocket is capable of pressing the steel forward into the ground or pulls it behind itself. The piston forcefully hits an anvil in the front of the cylinder. Due to the thrusting force of the piston against the cylinder, the rocket shoots slightly forward. During the backward movement of the piston the rocket stays in place due to the friction between the ground and the cylinder.

Non-directional method

The pneumatic drilling technique is actually a non-directional method. A rocket drilling must be conducted above groundwater level.

A.Hak Drillcon owns multiple drilling wagons equipped with state-of-the-art compressed air rockets, compressor, welding device and a mobile craner. These are spread across the Netherlands to ensure that drillings can be conducted quickly and efficiently.

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A. Hak Drillcon B.V.
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