Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

ABRO® offers a wide variety of premium quality lubricants:
ABRO® Non-Detergent Motor Oils are manufactured with 100% virgin base oil and fortified with an anti-foaming additive for extra engine lubrication at an economical price. ABRO® Detergent and Premium Motor Oils are available in mono-grade and multi-grade viscosity. They are highly refined general purpose oils for gasoline and diesel engines. The multi-grade products are manufactured with a select blend of virgin base oils combined with a premium viscosity index modifier to assure easier starts in cold weather and to protect against oil thinning in hot climates. These economical but durable lubricants are ideal for automotive and truck engines (gasoline and diesel) manufactured anywhere in the world. ABRO® 100% Synthetic and Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are high-tech lubricants designed to exceed the most challenging demands of high performance, high RPM, and close tolerance engines. Ideal for turbo-charged and normally aspirated engines. Compatible with all synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional mineral based motor oils.

ABRO® 2-Cycle (2-Stroke) Motor Oils are formulated with high quality base oils and additives designed to provide excellent anti-scuff, anti-wear, rust and corrosion protection. They burn clean and protect all bearings during high RPM use. ABRO® 2-Cycle (2-Stroke) Motor Oils are recommended for air-cooled, 2-cycle engines requiring 16:1, 24:1, 32:1, 40:1 and 50:1 mix ratio. It is a universal, multi-mix, low smoke formulation meeting requirements of APITCP and JAS. ABRO® TC-W3 Premium Oil is a high performance, 2-cycle engine oil meeting or exceeding the warranty requirements of all leading manufacturers. Also suitable for use in oil injected systems requiring a TC-W3 oil.

ABRO® GL-1 Gear Lube is a straight mineral gear oil blended from selected, mid V.I. base stocks. They are recommended for any automotive or industrial equipment requiring API GL-1. ABRO® GL-5 Gear Oil is a multi-purpose extreme-pressure lubricant formulated for severe conditions encountered in automotive, truck, tractor, and off-road heavy-duty construction equipment gear boxes. API GL-5