Maestro 3D Dental CAD

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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Anatomic crowns/Anatomic copings.

Offset copings.

Bridge frameworks.



Wax-up digital copy milling.

Wax-up-based frameworks.

Primary telescopes.

Implant and bars module.
Automatic margin line detection and easy editing of margin line.

Automatic undercut detection and removal.
Automatic pontic placement and powerful editing tools to adjust size and shape of the pontic.

All the design operations can be done in few simple steps using the default predefined parameters. The user can also easily control and modify all the parameters of the design process in order to have the full control.

Smart and fast sculpt toolkit in order to improve the overlay and pontic modeling.

Up to 16 units bridge desing with real time feedback and control of all the modeling operations.

Accurate fully customizable anatomy library with the possibility to import the own anatomy set.

Database management of Patient, Surgery and Doctor info using AGE DB.
Advanced connectors design and editing. The connectors are automatically computed and adapted to the teeth shape. It is also possible to modify the connector size and shape in order to obtain the desired result.

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