Orion 3-positions

Publish Date :July 23, 2016
Summary :

The Orion System is mainly used in buildings for broilers, rearing, laying hens and turkeys and consists of a three position fitting, a synthetic hood, Orion adapter and PL 11 Watt lamp in green, blue, red or white. The three position fitting offers ease of installation because there are three different possible positions for installation on the walls or ceiling. The Orion System offers two types of dimmers so the light level can be adjusted as required. There is an electronic dimmer available for the 80 Watt fittings which makes it possible to dim the lights from 100% to 60%. Also we have a magnetic dimmer for 60 Watt fittings which makes it possible to dim the lights from 100% to 70%. With the electronic dimmer it is possible to dim the fittings continuously or they can be controlled by a 0-10V signal. With the magnetic dimmer it is only possible to dim the fitting manually with 3 settings: High, Medium or Low.
For poultry the combinations of green/blue and red/white are generally used in houses for broilers and laying hens respectively. The green and blue lighting stimulates broiler growth while the red lighting achieves good results as far as fertility is concerned and also in combating feather pecking and cannibalism.

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