PET Foams

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Publish Date :July 20, 2016
Summary :

When a manufacturing company wants to keep up with the global competition in the medium and long term, it has to be open to new market opportunities and to new materials. PET foam for composite applications will certainly meet expectations in this respect.

PET (Polyethylene-Terephthalate) is widely known and familiar to consumers in the form of PET bottles. Yet this is only one area of applications for this lightweight recyclable thermoplast. PET foam, will open up a great number of possibilities as a core material. The well-known core materials in the industry are PVC, SAN and PMI foams, as well as balsa and honeycombs. The innovative PET foam board displays an interesting ratio of density to stability. This foam is lightweight, stable yet flexible, offers a great compressive strength and is temperature resistant.

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Armacell Benelux S.A.
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