Publish Date :July 19, 2016
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To prevent the packaging foil from melting during he sealing, we supply PTFE glass fabric in a wide variety self adhesive variations. This tape uses a silicon glue layer with a temperature resistance up to 260ºC. We supply standard rolls in a length of 30 meter. And in any desired width between 3mm up to 1000mm.

See PTFE Fabric for further information.

Due to the very low friction coefficient and the slippery/smooth surface of our PTFE glass it is very usable for sliding purposes. There where there is trouble with the shifting/sliding of your products or packages, simply cover surface with our tape and the problem is solved.

Heat seal tape & Zoned tape

Just for the packaging industry we supply a number of, to your specifications, custom tapes.

Heat seal tapes, are tapes for which a strip of PTFE glass fabric is covered with either Masking tape or Glasslinertape on both sides. The standard version is supplied with on both sides 15mm and the, supplied by you, useful width. The self adhesive strips can also be supplied in several other measurements.
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