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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

The BoxBarrier is light-weight and compact, which facilitates the installation of the system. In comparison with the heavy sandbags the light BoxBarrier improves work conditions of all co-workers during calamities. The placement rate of the BoxBarrier is100m/hour with a team of 3 men.

Installation of the BoxBarrier is straight forward.The barrier consists of 3 different parts, a box, a lid, and a keg or connecting element. No foundation, nor bolts or nuts are required for the installation of the system. The BoxBarrier can be installed on various types of subsoil. The water for filling can be pumped into the BoxBarrier by using a simple pump. The pump can be electric or fuel engine powered. The pump can be placed in a boat, car or be transported by hand. 100 m of BoxBarrier can be filled in one hour by a 30 m3/hr pump which can be bought at a DIY shop or ordered via internet stores.

Demobilisation is as easy as installation, only the other way round. The pump (or a bucket) is used to empty the BoxBarriers. The boxes are removed by hand and stacked. The joint elements are placed in the top box.

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