Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Sensors: ARC has range of sensors for various applications of locomotive such as speed sensors, Pressure sensor, Doppler sensor based adhesion control system and Fire detection unit. Details are given below.

Speed Sensor: Rotational Speed Sensor for Traction Motors of 6000 HP Three Phase Drive Locomotives of Indian Railways was developed and supplied as a replacement to the existing passive Wiegand Type Sensor, which continues to have reliability problems. This is an active sensor with strong pulses having two output channels each with direction encoded signal making it 100% compatible to the Wiegand fed locomotive Electronics needing no modifications while retrofitting.

Doppler Radar based Adhesion Control System: Doppler Radar based Adhesion Control System is developed for improving the realizable adhesion in WAG9 & WAG9H class locomotives during wheel slip conditions which occurs due to bad weather and poor track conditions. Using a Doppler Radar, the ground speed is detected, which is compared with each axle speed. The slipping bogie is identified precisely and instantaneous tractive effort correction is applied to bring the condition to non-slipping state. After slip is controlled, the tractive effort is restored back to the original value or to a safe level where re-adhesion is achieved.

Fire Detecion Unit: The Fire Detection Unit developed by us will be suitable for WAP5, WAP7 & WAG9 classes of locomotives and its variants. It is fitted inside the machine room of Locomotive to detect smouldering fires as well as flaming fires that produce smoke. Fire Detection Unit gives an alarm warning signal to Cab-Pilot along with the LED indication.

Pressure Sensors: The Pressure sensor is made of piezo-resistive pressure sensor packaged in surface mount configuration and attached to a ceramic substrate, capable of an operating temperature(fluid temperature) of -40°C to +125°C. The sensing element associated with the amplifier and current converter,housed in a printed circuit board, will be embedded in a stainless steel housing. Packaged pressure sensor will work as a two wire sensor providing 4-20mA output corresponding to 0..4 bar pressure.