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Publish Date :July 19, 2016
Summary :

An electronic stone and up and down hitting-mode massager. This massager powerfully massages like hitting with a fist, and embodies various massage rhythms without boredom for about 10 minutes. Anybody including the elderly can use this massager easily. With a simple and easy portable attribute, users can use the shoulder massager anywhere including office, home, school, conveniently and comfortably. The risk factor that may be generated from long-time use has been removed by installing over-rising temperature prevention sensor on each massager. We strongly recommend this shoulder massager for fatigued muscles and weakening physical strength of athletes and workers, along with housewives bombarded with house chores, and patients.

Product Feature

Features: – Simple and easy carrying and use- Easy use method- Powerful massage by the electronic stone massager – Built-in automatic timer- Adjustment of strong and weak massage with sliding mode- Diversely changing massage rhythms- Built-in over-rising temperature prevention sensor on each massager for safety.

Other Information

We recommend the shoulder massager for the following people: Housewives – For the housewives bombarded with house chores.Office workers – For overtired workersStudents – For students’ physical strength and restElders and seniors – Like the feeling of children’s hand massage.Patients – For fast recovery of ill patientsAfter sports action – For fatigued muscles and weakening physical strength of athletes

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