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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Among the flash welding machines produced by CEMSA, the STI 100 is very interesting, in fact its size allows to weld a great range of cross section of the parts to be welded, from 100 to about 1200 sq mm.
The max upsetting force is 6.000 daN and the max clamping force 12.000 daN.
In relation to the needs of the users CEMSA offer this machine in 3 versions.

With the BASIC version where the power of the transformer and all the welding cycle times are programmable by means of a special welding control , which allows to memorize 16 different welding cycles.
The movements of either the clamps and the side carriage are driven by hydraulic cylinders.
The pressure and the flow rate are adjusted manually by means of X-way valves and regulators.
The welding cycle proceeds automatically and the the adjustment of the parameters is consistent.

With the EVOLUTION VERSION it is possible to program all the welding parameters like:

Slide position
Flashing stroke
Flashing secondary voltage
Flashing speed
Upsetting force
as well all other cycle parameters by the keyboard.
It is also possible to store in the memory about 100 different working cycles to “recall” them when required.
Finally It is possible visualize on the display the main parameters during welding operations.

The QUALITY CONTROL VERSION, is an upgrade of the EVOLUTION, by adding a HITEC system which displays on a PC screen , for each welding operation and in real time, the curves of the welding current, the actual force and the carriage position.
These graphs of the all welds are stored in the memory of the computer with the possibility to select, on demand, all the graphs to the related welded part. Therefore with this system there is a perfect traceability of all welded parts, which becomes mandatory in case of safety components.
Recently CEMSA have supplied this QC version of STI 100 to a manufacturer of safety components of brake systems for railways coaches.

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