Vaisala AviMet® Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)

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Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

Windshear is most commonly caused by downdraft-generated microbursts hitting the ground and rapidly spreading in all directions. These unpredictable changes in wind speed and direction make it difficult to control the aircraft, with headwinds, tailwinds and up and down drafts all in quick succession. At worst, it can cause a sudden and dramatic loss in altitude resulting in a serious accident.
Airports prone to horizontal low-level windshear require accurate and timely warnings to ensure passenger safety and comfort during take-off and landing. Vaisala’s windshear warning solution delivers this crucial information in a timely and consistent manner. The Vaisala solution also decreases the burden on air traffic controllers by informing them immediately when and where windshear occurs and when the threat is over. The solution increases air traffic controllers’ decision-making confidence as decisions are based on facts, allowing them to issue timely and reliable advance warnings to pilots.

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Vaisala Inc.
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