Publish Date :July 18, 2016
Summary :

At Innotrans 2014, ACKSYS introduces its brand new device: WLn-RailBox.
WLn-RailBox is a 802.11n wireless router designed for railway and light rail applications.
It enables operators to improve mobile communications in motion between train and trackside and to develop a wide range of new in-vehicle networking services such as wireless Internet access, Voice over IP (VoIP), passenger Wi-Fi services, streaming video surveillance and smart vehicle diagnostic/maintenance.

Its different configurations allow it to : operate as an access point, hotspot, Ethernet bridge, repeater or Mesh gateway, operate simultaneously two separate networks (2 WiFi networks or 1 WiFi network + 1 cellular network) without sacrificing speed and while offering seamless connectivity.
Its WiFi and 3G/4G functions ensure high-speed data transfers in real time. Based on the multi-stream MIMO technology, it provides an extended coverage, a higher data throughput and an increased radio link reliability.
WLn-RailBox offers a roaming under 30 ms and thus ensures a continuous transmission of critical data even in motion (fast transition IEEE802.11r, WiFi pre-authentication and OKC).
WLn-RailBox also has a GPS function and a multi-operator cellular router for a permanent coverage.

Designed with a rugged aluminum enclosure, it fulfills the most severe requirements in terms of operating environment (shock and vibration proof, EN 50155 [IEC 60571] / EN 50121-3-2 / EN 50121-4 compliant for railway applications). Weatherproof (IP66), it resists to water projections and can works in tough climatic conditions from -40°C to +75°C.