Zabuton Meditation Mat

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Publish Date :August 3, 2016
Summary :

A Zabuton meditation mat helps you create a sacred space so that every time you sit on it, you get into the mindset of meditation.It comes from the Japanese Zen tradition and provides soft padding for your knees and ankles, which is especially helpful on a hard floor. It also provides warmth so a cold floor won’t distract you from your practice

We designed these mats with a superior cotton twill exterior and a tucked inner filled with cotton batting that provides support without being too hard. It is made to maintain its softness and its form for ongoing meditation practice.

The Zabuton is available in an Economy or Deluxe model. The economy model comes with the cotton batting sewn directly into the Cotton Twill Fabric. It is tufted in several places to keep the cotton batting in place. The Deluxe Zabuton comes with the cotton batting enclosed in cotton duck fabric and is tufted in several places. This Deluxe model comes with a zippered, removable, and washable Cotton Twill cover in your choice of color.

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