Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2017: If You Do It Right It Will Last Forever

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2017: If You Do It Right It Will Last Forever

By Zeinab Mahmoudi, Bhowco

Updated December 22, 2016

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin will be held for the eleventh time from 17 to 19 January, 2017, this time in Berlin Messe, Germany, displaying street and casual wears.

Together with the Green Showroom, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2017 are Europe’s largest B2B platform for green, fair-trade fashion, taking place at the Berlin Fashion Week. The Green Showroom features high-end fashion and suitable accessories, while the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin displays street and casual wear with various range of programs as lectures, catwalk show, networking, parties, press conferences, talks and podium discussions.

The “Ethical Fashion on Stage” show (the most outstanding highlight of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin) is a catwalk show presented looks from the street and casual wear segment on 18 January 2017, 7.30 pm which is for the first time at Energieforum.

Organized by Messe Frankfurt, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin focuses on design and sustainability. Ecological and social aspects should be meet by exhibitors as well as transparency.

Ecological aspects:

  • Aim to use only renewable resources throughout the supply chain
  • Avoidance of waste caused by production steps for and by the use of products
  • Avoidance of toxic substance throughout the supply chain
  • Following a concept of reduce, reuse, recycle and compost
  • Support of research and innovation towards more sustainable products

Social aspects:

  • Compliance with ILO conventions
  • Payment of living wages
  • Respect for intellectual property
  • Support of handicraft and traditional skills
  • Support of local markets, cooperatives and innovative business models

Transparency aspects:

  • Clear communication of sustainability strategy and the active participation in knowledge exchange and joint development e.g. through multi-stakeholder dialogues
  • Knowing all suppliers involved in the manufacture of products and willingness to confidentially reveal them in order to verify sustainability claims
  • Support of co-operation that creates social and environmental benefits



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