Polyurethane Solutions Expo

Polyurethane Solutions Expo

Polyurethane Solutions Expo

Polyurethane has the wide applications in different industries like medical devices electrical appliances, automotive, furniture, computer and many more. Polyurethane-based materials have become more sturdy and lightweight and this issue have caused high tend to this material. Polyurethane solutions trade fairs are the result of such an attitude. Polyurethane Solutions Expo will introduce you to new exciting materials PU applications and semi-finished products. Furthermore live presentations of different equipment will let you have a deeper recognition of practical aspects. In addition to the exhibition, lots of innovative conferences and seminars would be also offered. Of course most seminars and conferences are free. As you know, the side events of such exhibition are even sometimes more important than the exhibits. With regard to these free seminars, it’s a golden opportunity for young producers to make money.

Connection between theory and practice   

Although just 70 companies will attend this fair but we should consider this fact that this fair is the first international fair of its type and absolutely it’s worth visiting. One of the interesting parts of this fair is feature area where exhibiting companies present their innovative achievements.  For example FRIMO GROUP is one these companies whose specialize are on car body manufacturing and vehicle repairs. In this part, you will learn how to make your own products from Polyurethane materials. Furthermore you will get familiar with some special equipment like spoilers and boilers. If we would introduce a cheap and suitable fair for petrochemical Industries, this fair will be in priority.

 Polyurethane Market

According to latest studies, the demand for PU will increase to 24 million tons in 2020. It means that new products and innovations will cause a super jump for PU industries so there will be a great potential for oil economies to find new markets in such fairs. We all know that the demand for durable and light material would be never stopped and by expanding the use of PU in industries such as footwear, packaging, construction, electrical appliances, additive manufacturing, bedding, furniture, transport and automotive, we are witnessing an industrial revolution in the use of Polyurethane-based materials.



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