Tendence is an international trade fair for gifts, cosmetic, textiles, jewelry and home, as well as decoration, furnishings and fashion accessories. Here is the hotspot of famous brands and international events where you will have the opportunity to become a part of this grateful market. Tendence is actually a fair for all seasons. Time and place have no meaning here. Autumn, Christmas, spring and summer all are included. There is no wonder if you hear that Tendence is the beating heart of European fashion. Forget la rue de Champs-Elysées! If you want to be at the center the fashion world and pay what it’s worth it, here is the place where we strongly recommend you.

Green Products!

After green fuels and green autos, it’s time for green shoes! Ethical Style is the label of this new market. The new green shoes are made of Bamboo fibers and porcelain in a waterproof way. As we all know, environmental concerns caused big changes in people think and trends towards natural ingredients have become more and more. People like to know that where and how, their products have been made and incidentally plant-based products are among those products which have nothing to hide. Green products market is getting bigger and bigger and neglect of such a market can cause losing golden opportunities that’s why we insist on participating in German fairs. Germany is the country of fairs and new markets. New was always a pleasant word for successful men who want to change the business rules.

Generate interest and make money

How to make money is the key world of Business world. Here is the place where you will discover deeply how to do it. Generate Interest and transform it to money is the slogan of this year’s Tendence Village. Gift Company, Mark’s Europe, Cedon, Charles & Marie, Nogallery, Paperproducts, Designimdorf, Werkhaus, Good old friends and Donkey Products are the companies which are going to present their experiences in Hall 11.0 of Tendence Village. Here is the hotspot of idea and money connection. No matter where you are or how money you have now, BHowCo is the company where you can guarantee your success.





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